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Our purpose is to solve big and difficult problems, take on risky projects in the healthcare industry and constantly engage in value innovation to improve on healthcare delivery in Cameroon, enabling better patient outcomes.

Gima-Bambot Healthcare Ltd., has all the disadvantages necessary for success.

Achieve Best Practice

We believe in helping our healthcare providers become smarter and more efficient with the latest tools and best practice processes from around the world.

Access Premium Products

Over the years, we have partnered only with the best manufacturers to supply you with world-class medical products powered by the latest technological advances.

Complete Solutions

Products sale does not stop after product delivery. We aim to support with training, education and preventive maintenance of investment goods. Our focus is boosting hospitals' performance.

Therapies By Indications

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Surgical Sutures
Wound Management
Surgical Instruments

Our Products

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KCS Cannulated Screw System
NEOSUPRA Tibial Nail System
Modular External Fixator System
Meliseptol® Sensitive Wipes
Sterile Container System | Basis Version
AESCULAP Aicon® | Sterile Container System
Neuro Consumables
Cranial Fixation
Non-Stick Bipolar
Bipolar Cable and Accessories
ECCOS® Mechanical Reprocessing
Kits For Anesthesia & Intensive Care
Universal Stool HKL 1

Best Possible Patient Outcome

Gima-Bambot Healthcare Ltd.’s job is measured by the performance of the hospital processes in restoring life and not supplies of pure products or services.

Complete Solutions

The product sale does not stop with our product delivery. Through understanding your requirements we aim to provide you with complete solutions including education, training, maintenance and support rather than just simple products.

World-class leading products

We work only with the best partners to supply you with world-class medical products from the traditional to the latest technological advances.

We believe that happy employees will produce amazing results, leave the client more than satisfied and in an excellent frame of mind. We therefore continually train, develop and maintain the best people to help us achieve our goals.

We want to achieve excellence, so we are committed to doing things together, generating ideas and finding smart solutions to manage pain and suffering. As we seek to improve healthcare through our approach (work style and collaboration with partners and end-users), we also empower other healthcare providers.

We stay committed in doing the right thing with the Government and in the Marketplace. We believe business success and development of our communities must not be attained at the cost of the environment.

Our core value is that we believe dedicated physicians can change the outcome of a patient by using or implanting the appropriate quality medical devices to alleviate suffering. People’s lives depend on it.

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Gima-Bambot Healthcare Ltd., is committed to hospital performance through Customer Engagement, Product Portfolio and Technical Service.

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