Enabling Surgeons Succeed in Reconstructive Surgery

We offer solutions for both external and internal osteosynthesis surgical procedures. Our value proposition includes provision of a sustainable system: instrumentations plus wide range of implants covering all indications. Our goal is to make surgery takes place at the right time and mitigate surgical time.


KCS Cannulated Screw System
DH / DC System
NEOSUPRA Tibial Nail System
Modular External Fixator System
PolyNices II
MonoLoc | Extremities Locking Compression Plate System
MonoLoc | Locking Compression Plate System
VariLoc | Locking Compression Plate System

The Gima-Bambot Healthcare Ltd., Benefits.

Through our partnership with Kanghui (...a Medtronic company) we offer a product system (instruments plus implants) that are innovative, reliable plus a wide range of locally available implants. Benefits include time and money savings, access to a professional education platform and efficient services.

Strong Quality Management System

Kanghui’s products are inspected by FDA/CFDA/TUV and approved by leading players’ audits.  In 2017 Kanghui had “no findings” audit approved by FDA. 

Trusted Worldwide

2 000 000+ products have been shipped to the US, Europe, and Japan. 

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