MonoLoc | Extremities Locking Compression Plate System

Independent Locking and Compression Hole Design.

*Product information is in accordance with CE mark registration.


  • Independent Locking and Compression Hole Design
  • Star-Drive Recess
  • Customized Screwdriver for Screw Removal
  • Anatomical Shape
  • Low Profile
  • Availability of additional holes in the plate


  • Separate holes which accept locking and compression screws
  • The complete thread in the locking holes enable firm screw locking and easier screw removal
  • Compression can occur along the entire length of the compression hole
  • Better transmission of torque between the screw and the screwdriver
  • Eliminates the risk of hexagonal shape round off
  • Better engagement between the screw head and the screwdriver
  • Prevents hexagonal shape round off due to excess usage of the screwdriver
  • Shape of the plate matches the anatomy of the bone to which it is attached
  • Reduces soft tissue irritation
  • Allows the use of K-wires and/or cable wires to be used in these extra holes for temporary fixation.

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