Surgical Instruments

Providing Surgeons With Trusted Tools from Aesculap AG, Founded in 1867 (155 years)

Considering the fact that Surgical Instrument is the extended hand of a surgeon inside the body of a patient, a Trusted Tool is Mandatory - reason for our longterm collaboration with Aesculap AG (... a B.Braun company).
Our solution for surgical instrument supplies includes: guaranteeing local availability of Sterile Good Management Services; having the right surgical instruments in a functioning condition at the right time in the place of surgery.


Sterile Container System | Basis Version
AESCULAP Aicon® | Sterile Container System
Barré Surgical Instruments
SUSI® Single Use Surgical Instruments and Procedure Sets
Unitrac® | Pneumatic Holding Arm
ENT Surgical Instruments
Noir® Dissecting Scissors
SQ.line® Orthopedic Surgical Instruments

The Gima-Bambot Healthcare Ltd., Benefits.

Engagement and longterm development of a full-service-shop, support and enhancements that surround our offerings in the domain of surgical instruments is a major primary benefits to hospitals. Product system is beneficial and this include product portfolio and services such as care & maintenance, training and education for high-performing sterile instruments for all surgical processes. In addition to cost savings as benefit, return on investment is guaranteed.

General Surgical Instruments
Navigate this product category for Aesculap AG general surgical instruments we supply to healthcare facilities in Cameroon.
Surgical Instruments for Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery

Aesculap instruments for cardiovascular and thoracic surgery provide superior functionality, comfort and reliability and meet the high standard which is required in this speciality.

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