SUSI® Single Use Surgical Instruments and Procedure Sets

For ward use and emergency care.
SUSI® Single Use Surgical Instruments and Procedure Sets

In developing SUSI®, B. Braun focused in particular on the requirements on the ward and outpatient departments. In these areas it is essential to have sterile, functional and reliable surgical instruments and sets available. Quickly and at low process costs.

SUSI® protects against the risk of cross-contamination through surgical instruments.

Precisely single use
With SUSI® you always use a new instrument which ensures full functionality for the intended use.
SUSI® instruments and sets will be supplied sterile packed and are sterilized in a validated process.

Economical aspects
SUSI® provides a clear cost allocation according to DRGs.
SUSI® could lead to a reduction of processing costs in the hospital.


Lightweight and robust – SUSI® instruments are made from a reinforced polyamide with high stiffness and strength with proven quality. This material ensures a safe and easy removal through incineration in the regular hospital waste removal system.

Aesculap procedure sets are made for small procedures or for treatment of large wounds. Our “Pack per case” range of procedure sets include key instruments, including scissors, forceps, pliers, needle holders and curettes, which hospitals, clinics and practitioners rely upon every day.


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