Supporting Neurosurgeons' job done better and achieve better outcomes.

Our solution package is aimed at enabling neurosurgeons perform surgeries under ideal conditions. Our product portfolio and services is package to fit the high precision for the entire procedure with better outcome as objective.


Neuro Consumables
Cranial Fixation
Non-Stick Bipolar
Bipolar Cable and Accessories
ECCOS® Mechanical Reprocessing
Intraventricular Neuroendoscopy Systems
Hydrocephalus Shunts
YASARGIL® Aneurysm Clip System

The Gima-Bambot Healthcare Ltd., Benefits

Through partnership with Aesculap AG (... a B.Braun company), our product portfolio catalog enables neurosurgeons to carry out end-to-end procedures with high precision and confident. We are engaged locally in the development of neurosurgery starting in the first step with basic procedures and develop to complex procedures in combination with services.

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