Neuro Consumables

Established disposables and implants for neurosurgery

In each neurosurgical intervention, a large number of medical devices are needed.

In order to facilitate the processes within the hospital and to avoid possible difficulties, the use of consumables is very common.

Through Aesculap, we offer a broad portfolio of single-use instruments and implants for the basic steps of a typical neurosurgical intervention: opening & preparation, hemostatis, closure and more…

Opening & preparation

  • Safety scalpels
  • Silicone brain spatulas


  • ScalpFix clips
  • Non-stick bipolar
  • Lyostypt
  • RANEY Clips
  • Bipolar cable and accessories
  • Bone wax
  • Cellistypt
  • Lyostypt


  • Dura substitutes
  • Cranial fixation
  • Manipler AZ
  • Surgical sutures

And More…

  • Single-use introducer set.

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