Cranial Fixation

Neuro Plating System, CranioFix®2 and CranioFix® absorbable

For most cranial procedures a craniotomy needs to be done by the neurosurgeon to get access to the brain. To ensure protection of the brain as well as a good cosmesis, the bone flap needs to be fixed to the skull at the end of the operation.

Aesculap offers three systems for cranial fixation.

The Neuro Plating System with its 0.4 mm mini plates and self-drilling screws made from titanium offers a universal and reliable plates and screws solution.

CranioFix®2 is a cranial fixation system using cranial clamps made of titanium for a fast, easy and reliable fixation. The clamps are delivered sterile in different sizes to be either used in the craniotomy gap or as burr hole cover.

CranioFix® absorbable complements Aesculap’s portfolio for cranial closure. The absorbable cranial clamps are made of a clinically proven polylactide for good cosmetic results with no palpable or visible implants.

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