Non-Stick Bipolar

Advanced Generator meets Advanced Instruments

Bipolar coagulation 
The non-stick forceps in combination with the Aesculap non-stick bipolar generator reduce the undesirable effect of sticking of tissue to the forceps tips during coagulation in Neurosurgery to a minimum. The Aesculap non-stick generator GN160 actively reduces the power when necessary to reduce carbonization and sticking of tissue.

Rose Gold Bipolar Forceps
The employed materials allow for a significantly increased heat conductivity and a high electrical conductivity. This combination enables a quicker heat dispersion over and away from the tips.

Disposable Rose Gold Bipolar Forceps
Using brand new disposable forceps for every case means consistent coagulation quality

  • Sterile
  • Always ready to use
  • No reprocessing

BiProtect Bipolar Forceps
The ceramic insulation surrounding the outer instrument tip effectuates a heat concentration on the inner and front part of the tips. Together with the fine instrument tips BiProtect forceps were designed for particulary targeted and precise coagulation.

Bipolar Generator GN160
Electrosurgical unit high Tech for improved non-stick behavior:


  • Impedance-controlled for the adaption of coagulation parameters for improved non-stick behavior at high coagulation speed

Easy handling:

  • Rotary knob for adjusting the power (conversion to MALIS scale possible)
  • Single-pedal foot switch for activating the device
  • Clear front panel


  • Compatible with Rose Gold and all other Aesculap bipolar forceps
  • Compatible with irrigation device GN090.

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