Surgical Sutures

Surgical Suture is the Signature of Surgeons

Gima-Bambot Healthcare Ltd., Surgical Sutures supply solution concept focuses on local availability of complete surgical suture range in relation to indications/tissues. Further, we provide continuous training and education to guarantee the right suture for the right tissue in tandem with suture knotting techniques workshops.


Safil® Absorbable Mesh
Optilene® Mesh Implants
Premilene® Mesh
Dafilon® | Non-absorbable Suture
Novosyn® | Absorbable Satures
Monosyn® | Absorbable Suture
MonoPlus® | Absorbable Monofilament Suture
MonoMax®| Absorbable Suture

The Gima-Bambot Healthcare Ltd., Benefits.

Through partnership with B.Braun Surgical AG (... a B.Braun company), we provide innovative product portfolio for wound closure for all surgery indications in combination with training and service. From a single source, access to a complete range of absorbable Monofilament sutures, Non-absorbable sutures as well as full range of meshes.

High Quality

B. Braun has achieved its leading position in the surgery field thanks to its high quality products. All B. Braun manufacturing plants have a quality department, which approves new products, verifies quality of raw materials, in-process and finished products and guarantees the traceability of each product manufactured.

Compliance with International Standards
Braun’s production facilities are ISO certified. The company also stays up to date with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). That’s why we guarantee high quality products for our clients in our local market.

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