MonoMax®| Absorbable Suture

MonoMax® is an absorbable monofilament suture highly demanded among surgeons for abdominal wall closure.
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Monomax® is a unique suture in the market. It is made of poly-4-hydroxibutyrate.


  • Extra-long term absorption: Monomax loses its relative tensile strength slower than polydioxanone sutures (slower tensile strength degradation profile compared to polydioxanone sutures). 
  • Elasticity and elongation: Monomax® elongates twice as much as polydioxanone sutures. 
  • Sizes available USP 2/0 (metric 3) up to USP 1 (metric 4).
  • It dissolve by hydrolysis and enzymatic reaction.


The major long term complication of abdominal wall closure after a median laparotomy is the development of an incisional hernia.

The ESTOIH-Study was designed to investigate the influence of the stitch length on the occurrence of incisional hernia for two different materials: the synthetic suture material; and the absorbable, elastic, monofilament suture.

It was discovered that synthetic suture material which have become available over the last decades have the advantage that they are degraded by the body system and fully absorbed within 70-180 days. However, they loss 50% of their initial strength after 14-30 days. For this reason, they may not be the optimal suture material for abdominal wall closure. But the new suture material – Monomax® performed better. It has an extra-long absorption profile, high elasticity and superior initial strength.

Manufacturer: B. Braun

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