Premilene® Mesh

Get this polypropylene mesh for hernia repair.

Premilene® Mesh

Premilene® Mesh is a mesh implant for re-enforcement of connective tissue structures.

Premilene® Mesh - from your #1 medical supplier in Cameroon.

It is constructed from monofilament polypropylene, that has been knitted to a thin and elastic shape-stable mesh.

After implantation the Premilene® Mesh adapts to the longitudinal and latitudinal expansions taking place in the connective tissue.

Premilene® Mesh does not possess any independent pharmacological properties. The polypropylene mesh is biostable and is not degraded in the body.


Re-inforcement material in connective tissue weakness: 

  • For inguinal hernia repair 
  • For primary ventral hernia repair 
  • For incisional hernia repair 
  • For prevention of incisional hernia used as a prophylactic mesh in high-risk patients according to the professional criteria (such as but not limited to: age, nutrition, body mass index, comorbidities, etc.). 

Premilene® Mesh Plug | Polypropylene Mesh for Plug Technique

Premilene® Mesh Plug is a monofilament polypropylene mesh plug designed for the repair of recurrent hernias and can also be used for primary inguinal hernias.

The plug adapts to the shape of the defect and the natural anatomy.


  • Anatomic 3-D shape
  • Exclusive blue center grip
  • Tailorable for anatomical adaptation
  • Pre-shaped mesh onlay included for modified technique


  • Open groin hernia repair (Rutkow-Robbins technique).

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