Continence Care & Urology

Complete Product Portfolio for Urologist's Daily Routine

Because we are aware that the Urologist need at hand a high-quality, reliable medical devices for daily management of urinary retention or urinary incontinence, we at Gima-Bambot Healthcare Ltd., in partnership with B.Braun Melsungen AG (..a B.Braun company), focus on the following added value: Local Stock Availability and services.


Urecath® Stents
Cystofix® Balloon Punction Set | Ready to Use
Urinocol® Girls Closed
Urinocol® Boys Closed
Urimed® Cath Foley Nelaton

The Gima-Bambot Healthcare Ltd., Benefits

From benefits standpoint, apart from product high quality; a wide range of catheters and deliver as a complete set, convenient to use, pre-lubricated and ready to use, easy to handle and the improvement on patients life.

Chronic Urological Disorders

Patients with chronic disorders of their urinary tract look for products that can improve their quality of life. This is where the Actreen® intermittent self-catheter range offers tremendous benefits.

Acute Urological Disorders

Health care professionals who treat acute disorders of the urinary tract in hospitals need partners with reliable products such as Ureofix® for urine measurement.

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