Urecath® Stents

The Urecath® Stents are sets for ureteral stenting after ESWL and ureteral surgery.


  • Certon® Polyrethane double pigtail (J) catheter
    • Lateral eyes on the inner loop and the shaft
    • Graduation marks every 5cm on the straight catheter part
    • Radiopaque, full contrast (Barium sulphate)
  • Guide-wire
    • 0.035” (0.9 mm) x 90 cm for Ch. 6-9
    • 0.035” (0.9 mm) x 150 cm for Ch. 6-7,5 Open/Open
    • 0.024” (0.6 mm) x 90 cm for Ch. 5
  • Simple pusher
  • Fixation clamp
  • Seal cap for the cystoscope
  • Patient card
  • Sterile double packaging

Different sets are available:

  • Open/Closed Urecath® stent, with Tiemann tip for retrograde ureteric stenting
  • Open/closed Urecath stent with Tiemann tip, 5 Ch with thread for retrograde ureteric stenting
  • Open/open Urecath® stent for retrograde ureteric stenting over the guide (Seldinger technique)


  • Stenting of ureter in case of hydronephrosis caused by obstruction, stenosis or occlusion of the ureter
  • After ureter surgery
  • Protection before ESWL
  • Before radiation treatment

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