Urimed® Cath Foley Nelaton

100% silicone indwelling catheter

The Urimed® Cath Foley Nelaton catheter is a two-way silicone Foley catheter for routine drainage of the bladder.


  • 100 % silicone catheter: gentle and hypoallergenic causing less tissue irritation and potential damage
  • The inner lumen of silicone foley catheters ensures a wider drainage channel compared to latex catheters
  • Two-way catheter of 42 cm length with a 10 ml balloon
  • Latex free, PVC free
  • Radiopaque closed Nelaton tip with 2 drainage eyes
  • Easy-to-open double sterile packaging
  • Available from CH12 to CH24


  • Acute and chronic urinary retention
  • Maintain a continuous outflow of urine for patients with voiding difficulties as a result of neurological disorders that cause paralysis or loss of sensation affecting urination
  • Need for accurate measurement of urinary output in critically ill patients
  • Perioperative for selected surgical procedures
  • Patients undergoing urological surgery or other surgery on contiguous structures of the genitourinary tract
  • Anticipated prolonged duration of surgery
  • Need for intra-operative monitoring of urinary output
  • To assist in healing of open sacral or perineal wounds in incontinent patients
  • Patient requires long-term immobilization (e.g. potentially unstable thoracic or lumbar spine, multiple traumatic injuries such as pelvic fractures
  • To allow bladder irrigation/lavage
  • To facilitate continence and maintain skin integrity (when conservative treatment methods have been unsuccessful
  • To improve comfort for end of life care if needed
  • Management of intractable incontinence.

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