Safil® Absorbable Mesh

Absorbable mesh for temporary wound support.

Safil® Mesh is a warp-knitted mesh made of polyglycolic acid.

During the wound healing phase, the porous structure increases the mechanical load capacity of the supported tissue.

Safil® Mesh offers a strong support with a high tensile strength. The fine mesh structure may avoid fluid accumulation and ensures excellent integration into the adjacent tissue. Due to the absorption of the material after 60 to 90 days the risk of late secondary infections is low.


  • Strong support with high tensile strength
  • Homogeneous elongation in horizontal and vertical direction
  • Reduced foreign body material helps for minor tissue reaction
  • Total absorption after 60-90 days
  • Porous mesh structure enhances tissue ingrowth
  • Low risk of late secondary infections due to the degradation of the material.


Safil® Mesh is suitable to reinforce soft tissues in patients undergoing abdominal wall surgery or other fascial defects that require the addition of an absorbable reinforcing material to obtain the desired surgical result.

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