About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to help hospitals lower cost by improving on quality, empowering physicians and nurses through continuous training and education.

Gima-Bambot Healthcare Ltd.'s mission is to make Cameroon known for quality healthcare.

We focus on the following:


Why Gima-Bambot Healthcare Ltd., exist?

Gima-Bambot Healthcare Ltd., was put on earth by God, to push for hospital performance, hence, a healthcare-system-in-progress. To this effect, we focus on the critical development of a high-performance service-system tackling big and difficult challenges in the healthcare industry.

Our purpose and mission guide us in everything we do.

Our Purpose

To solve big and difficult problems, take on risky project in the healthcare industry and constantly engage in value innovation to improve on healthcare delivery in Cameroon, enabling better patient outcome.

The Team

Our History


The Idea
In the year 1995, while our founder was still a student, his grandmother was critically ill and needed immediate surgical intervention. But the procedure was unduly delayed for lack of quality sutures. And behold, access to these sutures was very difficult and only one medical device company could provide them! This memorable experience haunted the founder and remained playing in his mind until 2001 when he decided to create Gima-Bambot International Ltd., his contribution to support the healthcare system in Cameroon and create decent jobs.
In March 2003, Gima-Bambot Healthcare Ltd., established a Strategic Partnership with B. Braun Group - a German firm, to solve the acute problem of limited local product avalability of hi-tech medical devices and provide training, education and professional consulting as a support services to our local healthcare system (Cameroon).
Surgical Sutures Solution
Gima-Bambot Healthcare Ltd., team went through series of rigorous professional training and education in Surgical Sutures offered by Aesculap AG. (..a B.Braun company). For details go to News ...
The Brand = The Super Sign Gima-Bambot Healthcare Ltd.
Connect your hospital/Clinic to our Sign Systems and gain access to super creativity, super product portfolios, and solutions with the goal to boost performance. The force embedded in Our Brand include our business culture which is hidden deep in our purpose, mission, vision and values.
The Name: Gima-Bambot Healthcare Ltd.
We have earned this through the implementation of our purpose (why we exist?) in tandem with our innovative nature, high level of consciousness and flexibility in executing tough important projects in healthcare industry in time.

We believe that customers select us for their critical hospital projects for a reason - "to monitor the sustainability of the quality and the performance of the hospital. When customers see these super signs system (Gima-Bambot Healthcare Ltd. + Bbraun ), they put their Trust in us and enjoy peaceful night all the time.

Evidence - The Government of Cameroon through The Ministry of Public Health, in 2021/2022, challenged us with projects in the domain of Hemodialysis.

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