Values & Philosophy

Core Value

Our core value is that we believe dedicated physicians can change the outcome of a patient by using or implanting the appropriate quality medical devices to alleviate suffering. People’s lives depend on it.

As a business, we hold firm to our culture and our brand; our business strategies all emanate from our core values and our business philosophy. It is thanks to this approach that Gima-Bambot Healthcare Ltd., is revolutionizing healthcare systems, while supporting and improving hospitals that share the same beliefs.

As Gima-Bambot Healthcare Ltd., rapidly grows into prominence, it is imperative to clearly define our ethical values:

Key values

On a daily basis, we focus on how best to support processes in the hospitals and empower physicians and nurses to save lives.

We replenish our awareness by going to the hospitals and being where treatment actions are taking place to learn, gain precise insight, and then support with the objective of improving outcomes and re-inventing for the customer.

Truth, honesty, fairness, legality and the desire to do good are the driving forces of our business. We aim at improving the lives of all the stakeholders and customers whilst adding value to their business.

We approach every problem, situation and job with an open mind to improve and provide innovative solutions, products and services – this is a constant differentiator on how we do business.

Everything we do is aimed at surpassing both our clients and their customers’ expectations. With this in mind, we only work with the most competent and experienced manufacturer(s) to build appropriate solutions that will boost hospitals' performance.

We always want to go far together, complimenting each other. Together with our employees, manufacturers/suppliers, partners and investors, we respond to challenges and make discoveries that alleviate pain and suffering in hospitals. Our common purpose enables us to develop a sense of community which is critical in helping us drive our core values.

Our commitment to sustainability is woven into all our business activities that focus on three pillars: economic efficiency, social equity and environmental accountability.

We continuously re-invest and develop to maintain the organic growth nature and the resilient character of our business. Focus on developing and retaining our human capital enables us to constantly generate new ideas and innovate. Thanks to our environmental friendliness, each day we expend efforts to do little things, like maintaining a paperless office to improve on the environment.

Our growth depends on pooling resources (investors, customers, employees and healthcare providers) for a better measurable patient outcome.