Cystofix® Balloon Punction Set | Ready to Use

This suprapubic punction set comes with a balloon catheter pre-inserted into the cannula.
Cystofix® Balloon Punction Set


  • Preassembled catheter within the cannula to facilitate and shorten the preparation procedure reducing risk of sharp injury
  • Balloon Catheter made of silicone to allow a long term use
    • Available with straight or curled pigtail (J) tip
    • Available in CH12 and CH14 with 40 cm length (straight tip) and CH12 with 53 cm length (J tip)
    • Open tip to enable the use of a guide wire during the replacement
    • Universal connector enabling a closed system
  • Thin and sharp stainless steel cannula
    • Ø5.4 mm, 12 cm length
    • Splittable with ”3-wing” handling grip for an easy handling
    • Internal siliconized (“glide effect”) for an easy insertion
  • Plug to stop the urine flow on demand
  • Provided in boxes of 10 sets


  • Drainage of the bladder with a suprapubic catheter when urethral catheterization has failed or is contraindicated.
  • Prevention of Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) in long term indwelling catheterization.

Suprapubic Bladder Drainage

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