Hydrocephalus Shunts

We offer a range of current generation Hydrocephalus Shunts with gravitational valves from MIETHKE.


The M.blue® is a position-dependent hydrocephalus valve. It consists of an adjustable gravitational unit and a fixed differential pressure unit.

Particularly challenging and difficult forms of hydrocephalus require a much higher degree of flexibility in treatment. This is what the M.blue® plus stands for: a combination of adjustable gravitational unit and adjustable differential pressure unit (proGAV® 2.0).


MIETHKE proGAV® 2.0 comes with an added advantage. Apart from the fact that the proGAV® 2.0 offers the reliability, it comes with a new tactile “Feedback” mechanism and “Soft-Touch” function.

Moreover, the adjustable unit of the proGAV® 2.0 is equipped with a special valve surface. By using slight pressure with your finger, the “Active-Lock” mechanism of the valve is released and a tactile feedback is received.

The combination of the refined proGAV® technology and “Soft-Touch” function provides comfort for patients and security against inadvertent readjustment caused by magnetic fields up to 3 Tesla.


The GAV® 2.0 is a further development of the proven GAV® and paediGAV®. Unlike its predecessors, the GAV® 2.0 comes with a gravitational valve consisting of a differential pressure unit and gravitational unit.

The combination of a differential pressure unit and gravitational unit ensures automatic pressure adjustment.


The SHUNTASSISTANT® 2.0 is the further development of the proven SHUNTASSISTANT®.

It comes with an improved and efficient add-on valve for the treatment of over drainage complications. As an over drainage protection, it can be combined with differential pressure valves.


The MIETHKE DUALSWITCH VALVE is made of titanium, a material that allows excellent precision, reliability and biocompatibility.

The MIETHKE DUALSWITCH VALVE has proven efficient in treating different types of adult hydrocephalus.


The MIETHKE miniNAV® was developed as a compact differential pressure valve which, due to its small design, is particularly suitable for the treatment of pediatric hydrocephalus especially in premature and newborn infants.

Another area of application where the MIETHKE miniNAV® has proven its worth is in the treatment of hydrocephalus in bedridden patients.

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