SQ.line® Orthopedic Surgical Instruments

Surgical Instruments Re-imagined.
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Product List

  • SQ.line® Mallets
  • SQ.line® Osteotomes
  • SQ.line® Chisels
  • SQ.line® Instrument for Hip Endoprosthetics Cement Removing
  • SQ.line® Bone Rongeurs
  • SQ.line® Bone Cutting Forceps
  • SQ.line® Bone Curettes
  • SQ.line® Raspatories
  • SQ.line® Luxation Lever
  • SQ.line® Ball Spike
  • SQ.line® Wire Cutters
  • SQ.line® Wire Forceps
  • SQ.line® Tampers
  • SQ.line® Retraction System Hip Endoprosthetics
  • SQ.line® Special Instruments Endoprosthetics
  • SQ.line® Cerclage Instruments


  • The unique design provides 70% more grip in comparison to previous products. The result: less force to achieve a safe grip during use.
  • Ergonomically designed instruments reduce pressure points and joint stress.
  • 25% less force is needed to cut through wires compared to previous products.
  • >50% reduction in difficult-to-inspect areas – means visual inspection is faster and easier.
  • Manual pre-cleaning steps can be eliminated with fully machine-cleanable instruments, resulting in time savings up to 12 minutes in handling time.


  • User-friendly weight and balance for smoother handling of the instruments.
  • Interchangeable jaws open up more possibilities for repair.
  • All instruments are made entirely from stainless steel. Without critical interfaces to other materials.
  • One-piece spring mechanism means there is no risk of screws loosening or accidental opening of the spring during use.

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