Cobra II

Posterior Cervical Fixation System
Cobra II Posterior Cervical Fixation System supplies Cameroon

Intended Use

The Posterior Cervical Fixation System in this series is suitable for temporary or permanent internal fixation of anterior cervical spine and posterior vertebra for spinal correction from cervical spine to lumbosacral spine in a bid to help bone fusion.

The General Spine System in this series is suitable for degenerative diseases of intervertebral disk, spondylolisthesis, trauma, stenosis, deformities(scoliotic deformity, kyphotic deformity and lordotic deformity), tumors, pseudarthrosis and failure of fusion in previous surgeries.

Product information is in accordance with CE mark registration.


  • Variable Angle Lateral Mass Screws
  • Biased Angle Lateral Mass Screws
  • Hooks
  • Occipital Plate & Washer
  • Crosslinks
  • Offset Connectors
  • Reverse Angle Thread on Set Screw.


  • Facilitates the insertion of the screw into the lateral mass of the cervical vertebral bodies
  • Allows for large angles needed when screws are used to perform a C1/C2 fusion and/or to connect the rod to screws placed in the pedicles of C7
  • Allows fixation of the Cobra II System to the cervical spine in patients with compromised bone strength
  • Enables the Cobra II System to be used for Occipitocervical Fusions
  • Provides additional stability and strength when used to fuse multiple levels of the cervical spine
  • Facilitates connection of the rod to the screws when the fusion crosses the Cervicothoracic junction without needing to excessively bend the rod
  • Provides a stronger connection between the screw and the rod and reduces the risk of head splay of the tulip head of the lateral mass screw.

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