Surgical Power Systems

An Electric Surgical Drill that combine Reliability and Efficiency during Usage.

Together with Aesculap AG (..a B.Braun company), we provide locally a complete product portfolio for the surgical team to perform their work plus a robust Technical Service to guarantee continuous surgical activities.


ECCOS® Mechanical Reprocessing
Acculan 4
Transnasal Neuroendoscopy System

The Gima-Bambot Healthcare Ltd., Benefits.

The benefits begin with the product, from Aesculap AG decades of experience in the development and manufacturing of power tools in combination with quality burrs and blades backed by a local Technical Service Shop in charge of care and preventive maintenance to guarantee durability, hence, return on investment.

Hospitals benefit from the power systems' reliability with durability while surgeons benefit from the ergonomics nature of the drills, accredited training courses for medical professionals and surgical outcome plus added service in the OR.

How to Choose the Right Surgical Power Tool?

It is important to take into account the following parameters:

  • Application: surgical power tools are mainly used in microsurgery, especially in microneurology and ENT microsurgery, but they are also used in traumatology or for operations on large bones.
  • Ergonomics, mainly the weight of the instrument: a compact and light surgical power tool will be easier and more comfortable for a surgeon to use, especially during long operations.
  • The shape of the instrument: some surgical power tools are gun-shaped for operations on long bones or in traumatology. Others are pen-shaped, which is more suitable for microsurgery or small bones.
Other Factors

There are other characteristics that aren’t as essential but should also be taken into account:

  • The power source: surgical power tools can be pneumatic, electric or battery-powered (see question 3).
  • The versatility of the device: it is possible to alternate which tool is used (saw, reamer, drill). Some models have only one function, others have several combinations. In the latter case, the head of the device can be changed.
  • Noise level in use: some models are noisy which can disrupt work or increase stress levels during an operation. It is preferable to choose a quiet model.
  • The presence of a double trigger: this allows you to change the direction of the device’s screwing and/or drilling with the simple pressure of a finger.

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