Kits For Anesthesia & Intensive Care

Basic products for intensive care
kit for anaesthesia and intensive care supply Cameroon

Intradyn Venous Hemostasis Introducer
Percutaneous catheter introducer kit using the Seldinger technique

  • To prevent retrograde blood flow
  • For venous application
  • Smoothly tapered transition for easy introduction of catheter
  • Sideport with mounted three-way stopcock for easy administration of I.V. solutions and injection of medications
  • With straight tip or J-tip guide wire
  • Sizes 5F – 8F.

Intradyn Basic Intensive Care Kit

  • Intradyn puncture needle ø 1.3 x 63.5 mm (18 G)
  • Guide wire, 70 cm, ø 0.035 “/0.89 mm flexible J3-tip with insertion tool or flexible straight tip
  • Vessel dilatator, 205 mm made of FEP
  • Venous hemostasis introducer sheath, 115 mm made of PUR
  • Hemostasis valve
  • Catheter contamination guard, 120 cm
  • Disposable scalpel
  • 4 gauze pads, 10 x 10 cm, eight-ply.

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