Guide Wires

Angiodyn guide wires for introduction, stabilization and positioning of angiographic catheters.
Angiodyn guide wires supplier cameroon
  • Standard version with dispenser and Luer lock – fitting for flushing the wire
  • Wide range of guide wires with J-tip or straight end
  • Different diameters
  • Lengths: 150 cm, 175 cm, 200 cm, 260 cm
  • High quality PTFE-coated stainless nickel-chromium steel (C)


  • Smoothly rounded wire tip
  • Various tip configurations:
    • J-tip, fixed core or movable core
    • Straight tip, fixed core or movable core
    • Finger-straightenable J-tip, fixed core or movable core
  • Straightener for J-tip

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