Extension of Hemodialysis Center – Hôpital Général de Douala (HGD). Douala – Littoral Region. Cameroon. 

Hôpital Général de Douala Hemodialysis Center is one of the most established and the biggest in Cameroon and CEMAC Sub-Region. However, with patients increase, epileptic equipment and relative demand for personnels, HGD, in 2021 set out to completely overhaul the center’s look, feel and performance. 

The focus of this extension project included: rehabilitation, construction of the extended building to accommodate 10 new treatment posts with a robust new water treatment system, upscale education and training of end-users in combination with a sustainable equipment maintenance service. 

Through rigorous contract procedures, a consortium: Gima-Bambot Healthcare Ltd., and SoilSource Ltd., were retained for this sensitive project. The tasks of Gima-Bambot Healthcare Ltd., entailed: supplies and installation of dialysis equipment, provision of training/education and provision of maintenance services. SoilSource Ltd., was in charge of the rehabilitation and construction of the extended building. 

In 4 months, HGD’s goal was achieved with the following benefits: treatment posts upgraded to 32, boosted treatment performance, local availability of consumables, regular preventive/repairs of equipment, hence regular treatment of patients.

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