Wound Management

Clean Easy Wound Healing

Besides other factors, our solution package for wound management focuses on the removal of barriers to wound healing. Because the success of wound treatment depends on the condition of the wound, preparation of the wound bed and the right choice of dressing, a holistic approach is key to wound management.


Prontosan® Wound Gel X
Prontosan® Wound Irrigation Solution

The Gima-Bambot Healthcare Ltd., Benefits.

The holistic strategy of wound management which includes wound infection management, exudate management and skin care has the following benefits: shorter healing time, resolution of infection within 2-4 week-period resulting in cost reduction of 60% and improve lifestyle.

Considering All The Factors

We also know that successful wound treatment depends on the hygienic state of the wound, wound bed preparation, choice of wound dressings, the therapist‘s experience and last but not least, the patient‘s condition. 

A Solution for Every Wound

Through our partnership B. Braun, we’re introducing products that attack from the root: wound coatings, bacterial biofilms, pus, necrotic tissue, detritus, and bacteria biofilm. Removing these delay factors accelerates the wound healing process.

Prontosan® Wound Irrigation Solution and Prontosan® Wound Gel X have proved to be very effective.

Recommended: All wounds should first be rinsed and cleansed with Prontosan® Wound Irrigation Solution. Prontosan® Gel and Gel X remain on the wound until the next dressing change. 

Day 1

chronic wound management- cameroon - medical supplies

Day 5

chronic wound management- cameroon - medical supplies

Day 14

chronic wound management- cameroon - medical supplies

Day 30

Manage Pressure Ulcers

Pressure ulcers are frequent. They can develop quickly, and they are associated with substantial health​ burden. But: They may be preventable with the help of a holistic approach.​

Manage Burns Efficiently

Anyone can suffer from a burn and depending on its severity, different treatment concepts are required. B. Braun has specialized in the management of severe burns. 

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