Hemodialysis Bloodline Systems

We supply Bloodline Systems with Luer Lock and Spike connector for Single-Needle, Single-Needle Cross-Over and Double-Needle therapies for Dialog or competitor machines.

Quality bloodlines play an important role in dialysis treatment administered in accordance to European standards and to nephrology guidelines.

In addition to Luer Lock, our systems come with a pre-assembled spike and a recirculation system (three-way cock, Discofix C).

Moreover, our system qualifies for usage with separate NaCl containers for priming and re-infusion.

Worthy of notice is also the fact that all the components needed for applying the new Ecoprime system are already included in the pre-connected bloodline system.

Our bloodlines are a reliable choice for the following equipment:

  • Althin 1000
  • Fresenius 2008-4008
  • Gambro AK100-AK200
  • Nikkiso DDB

Our bloodlines are suitable for different therapies:

  • double-needle therapy
  • single-needle therapy
  • single-needle cross-over
  • HDF

Manufacturer: B. Braun

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