AQUAboss® | Reverse Osmosis Device

The world's leading water treatment systems for hemodialysis applications.

For more than 25 years, this established product line has combined high water-quality outcomes with efficient solutions to reduce water consumption during daily operation over the complete system lifetime.

Highlights are the unique system design concept, which is free of dead space, the continuous impulse backwashing of membranes (Eco), and different and innovative disinfection procedures.

Devices in the AQUAboss series are available in various output ranges and configurations to fulfill individual customer requirements. The devices comply with international regulations and standards.

Available as single- or double-stage devices in output ranges from 500 l/h to 3,000 l/h, the C device series controls water consumption by monitoring conductivity. Due to this, the system only discards a minimum of water. All devices can be equipped with an impulse backwashing feature (Eco) as an option.

Every device in the AQUAboss RO Dia C series is available as a completely heat-disinfectable version (HT).

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  • High-quality, durable stainless-steel construction
  • Dead-space-free system design, incl. dead-space-free Membrane modules
  • Full redundancy of double-stage devices
  • Full modularity for expansions and upgrades in the field.

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