Gima-Bambot Healthcare Ltd. supplies high-quality dialyzers for individual treatment needs namely: the Diacap® Pro and xevonta® dialyzers.

By learning from patients and understanding the functionality of the kidney, B. Braun creates dialyzers to improve patient wellbeing.

About the xevonta® Dialyzer

xevonta allows for efficient elimination of middle molecules and other uremic toxins while limiting the loss of serum albumin to 1.1±0.2g/ session.

Importance of serum albumin

  • Marker for nutritional and inflammatory status of maintenance for dialysis patients
  • Strong predictor for mortality

About the Diacap® Pro Dialyzer

Diacap® Pro comes with improved polysulfone membrane which provides high uremic-toxin elimination. With this solution, patients are able to efficiently achieve their HD targets.

Also, the new easy-to-open packaging and improved plugs help nurses to easily and efficiently prepare and perform treatment.

Manufacturer: B. Braun

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