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The Dialog+ sets standards with its three basic device configurations for extracorporeal blood treatment. The system is designed for the global requirements of patients, physicians, and nursing staff.
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Dialog+: Decades of Dialysis Innovations

For decades, B. Braun has been improving the life of dialysis patients around the globe with its innovative products and dependable services.

For example, back in 1982, B. Braun introduced the HD 105, the first hemodialysis machine that measured
ultrafiltration both up and downstream from the dialyzer. This technology enabled an improvement in dialysis safety.

Twelve years later, Dialog was introduced. It was the first dialysis machine to feature a convenient touch screen.

Today, Gima-Bambot Healthcare Ltd. is proud to supply the Dialog+ to healthcare facilities through out Cameroon.

With Dialog+, Multidimensional Communications has Become a Clinical Reality

Dialog+ comes with Nexadia® (an advanced data management software) installed. This software ensures that patient treatment is administered safely and reliably from start to finish.

Dialog+ – Interactive functionality

The design of the Dialog+ hemodialysis machine brings sophisticated medical technology into detailed balance. All components on the front panel are arranged in a practical way to facilitate user interaction and allow the operator to adapt readily to changing therapeutic procedures.


Dialog+ is a lightweight, sturdy, and agile equipment built on a solid footing. The Dialog+ comes with swivel wheels which facilitates practical mobility. Also, the high-resolution, swivelable 15″ TFT monitor is extremely user friendly, allowing information to be easily read from any position and in all lighting conditions.


The navigation menu of the Dialog+ is straightforward. Its clear touch screen facilitates fast and easy handling. Moreover, its self-explanatory symbols and understandable user guidance make operation easier for less experienced operators.


Thanks to the standard treatment status color indicator used on the Dialog+, operators can reassure themselves, even from a distance, that the dialysis routine is running smoothly as intended.

Slash Operating Costs

  • Dialog+ can be programmed to automatically activate the stand-by mode. This setting cuts back on water, concentrate volume, and electricity consumption.
  • The auto-priming function saves saline solution during online HDF hemodiafiltration.
  • Diacap® Ultra dialysis fluid filters have an above-average lifetime of up to 150 treatments or approximately 900 hours. This translates into significantly lower overhead costs.
  • All Dialog+ machines have an integrated technical service and maintenance mode (TSM) for simplified troubleshooting and documentation. This converts to lower service and maintenance costs.
  • The customized configurations possible with the TSM mode additionally allows you to sustainably optimize processes at your center. All of these features add up to long-term cost savings.

Card Reader for Faster Settings

Dialog+ quickly scans the personalized settings with the Card Reader and automatically sets all treatment parameters. Centers that choose to utilize the advanced Nexadia® data management system with all its potential options can alternatively download data with a Nexadia® chip card.

Programmable Disinfection

For disinfection, Dialog+ is equipped with two unique, mutually supportive functions: the weekly disinfection routine, and the comprehensive disinfection functions.

Technical Updates Are Simple to Initiate

Upgrading Dialog+ software (Nexadia®) is easy with a USB stick or memory card. The USB stick can also be used for storing and analyzing equipment data.

Error-minimizing Technology

The Dialog+ touch screen is structured around self-explanatory 3D icons. This is another positive dimension that gives users a greater sense of operating security because they know they can react fast to all therapeutic events.

Manufacturer: B. Braun

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