Diacan® | Fistula Needles

We supply both the Diacan and Diacan S dialysis fistula needles from B. Braun.
diacan-vascular-access-for-hemodialysis treatment in Cameroon

Our products cause minimal trauma when administered to patients with fragile vascular access.

They come with an extremely thin-walled, siliconized needle which secures a laminar flow and ensures a high blood flow rate. The siliconization of the fistula needles also reduces blood coagulation.

Moreover, the Diacan® tube material is highly flexible and latex-free.

Advantages of Diacan®

  • Thin-walled needles reduce pain
  • Safe handling due to rotatable wings with clip function
  • High laminar blood flow
  • Safe connection to the tube system due to optimized luer-lock connection

Manufacturer: B. Braun

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