Vasofix® Safety

IV catheter with injection port.
Vasofix® Safety product supplier in Cameroon

Vasofix® Safety is a peripheral IV catheter with an injection port and a passive fully automatic needlestick protection. The single-use device is intended to generate intravascular access to sample blood, administer fluids/medication and blood/blood products intravenously.

This device can be used for all patients for which infusion therapy is prescribed. No gender or age related limitations. Vasofix® Safety can be used for adults, pediatrics and neonates.


Passive Safety Shield – A passive fully automatic protection helps eliminating needlestick injuries and related infections. It deploys automatically, cannot be bypassed and requires no user activation.

Double Flashback Technology – Confirms that both needle and catheter capillary are inside the vessel. First needle flash confirms needle is in vein, second catheter flash confirms catheter is in vein.

Universal Back Cut Bevel – Allows for a wide choice of insertion angles and is designed for minimal puncture trauma.

Radiopaque Stripes – For a good visibility of the catheter capillary under X-Ray.

IV catheter material available in PUR and FEP – PUR for a softer and more comfortable indwelling performance, FEP as alternative firmer material.

Fixation Wings – Stabilization helps to reduce catheter movement and related complications.

Injection Port – Allows for quick injection without interruption of infusion.

Not made with DEHP, Latex/Natural Rubber, PVC.


Regional labels/article numbers for Vasofix® Safety:

  • Europe, former GUS, Turkey, Israel, Africa, Latin America: Article code + Annex “-01”
  • Asia / Pacific: Article code + Annex “-03”
  • CIS Region: Article code + Annex “-20.“

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