Presbyterian General Hospital Kumba (PGHK)
acquires Aesculap Acculan 3Ti Power System & Surgical Instrument.

Presbyterian General Hospital Kumba (PGHK) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Gima-Bambot Healthcare Ltd., to improve on the technical platform in Trauma Care and collaborate in the development of this speciality as purpose.

Pre-execution activities of this agreement involved our several visits to PGH Kumba focusing on their specific needs and pains plus attending surgery sessions for a deep insight. This led to the atomization of the project hence, a decision to acquire first, Trauma Surgical Instruments and a Power System.

Together with the surgeon, theatre nurses and administration we agreed on Aesculap Acculan 3Ti Power System and Trauma Surgical Instruments. This equipment arrived in our head office in Douala on October 02nd, 2018. On November (15th – 16th), 2018 a training for the PGH Kumba surgical team (surgeons & nurses) took place at Gima-Bambot Healthcare Ltd., head office for an efficient use of the equipment including care and maintenance. This was a crucial part of the entire process as it boosted trust and confidence in end-users with respect to the equipment and guaranteed ownership.

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